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53: Public Space With A Roof / artists' initiative (Amsterdam)

Mittwoch, 28. Mai 2008

Public Space With a Roof (PSWAR) is an artists' initiative founded in 2003 in Amsterdam whose projects were designed for their own project space in the former Film Academy in Amsterdam. PSWAR is a collaboration of the artists Tamuna Chabashvili (Georgia, 1978), Adi Hollander (Belgium, 1976) and theoretician Vesna Madzoski (Serbia, 1976) whose activities go beyond the usual notions of artists-as-social-activists, artists-as-producers, and artists-as-curators, blurring the borders between many roles assumed to be taken by the present-day artists. What differentiates this space from the other artists' initiatives is the specific extension of the artistic practice visible in their every project. PSWAR projects are based on research and include several levels: creating installation as a framework for the other parts of the project, turning installation into exhibition, inclusion of other artworks as readymades, discussion and formulation of new questions. This way, PSWAR projects offer a specific kind of a journey that begins with the starting questions and ends with a new set of questions to be further investigated in the next project.